Counselling for Body Image Issues

Be it a man or woman, our perception about our body influences our behaviour directly or indirectly. The body image, i.e., what we think about our body is again influenced by the cheap jerseys society and culture we live. For example; from the fashion industry recruits models who are slim and tall which has promoted the notion that slim and tall is the desired one.

We all at some point of time in our life have not been happy with the way our bodies are. We think that we either are too fat or too skinny, too tall to short, or have a flat nose, among other perceptions. While these perceptions are common, the effect of these perceptions cause disturbance when we obsess Launch with building a culturally desired body type, or are abused leading to hatred wholesale mlb jerseys towards cheap nba jerseys the body etc.  At one end, unhappiness about body image leads to negative thought feeding about self, comparison with others fueling the unhappiness. On the other end, severely disturbed or distorted body image leads to various disorders such as eating disorders such counselling as anorexia nervosa, wholesale mlb jerseys bulimia nervosa and depression.

The issues of body image are addressed via counselling where the therapist will help you with various approaches and techniques. One of them is the psychodynamic .. approach that explores the past, i.e., is your childhood influences in shaping your body image. Another one is Cognitive Behavior Therapy approach which focusses on overcoming these issues with techniques of thought diary to address the negative thought pattern, identifying new behaviours and planning towards achieving services a healthy body image.

A healthy body image leads to a happy life.

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